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ServicesROCE Partners helps organizations increase their Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) by providing operational to top-management advice on supply chain processes, organization and IT solutions. | MORE

InventoryAnalyzerHow to analyze and optimize your inventory with the ROCE Inventory Toolbox in a week? | MORE

   ROCE Partners and Planscape Technologies have the highest credit worthiness according to Soliditet rating guide that is based on 2400 decison rules.


Chainalytics Acquires ROCE Partners [PDF]

Improving Supply Chain Management in Public Health and Social Care Services with an Agile BPM Approach. [PDF]

A Clinical Decision Support System for Adult ADHD Diagnostics Process [PDF]

Improving the supply chain with ROCE Toolbox in orthopedic prosthesis business at Zimmer

Collaboration process for integrated social and health care strategy implementation [PDF]

Janne Salmi presents "Introduction to Demand Supply Planning" at Aalto University's Demand Supply Network Management course on March 27th, 2012 [PDF]

ARC Advisory Group selected ROCE as one of the "10 Coolest SCM Boutique Consultants".