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Solution overview

Delivering what your customers need, when they need it, isnít easy. For a long time, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors have planned their operations based on factory capacity and asset utilization. Leading companies are taking a different approach: Allowing customer demand to drive supply chain planning and execution Ė this is called the Demand-Driven Supply Chain (DDSC).

Business benefits

The demand-driven supply chain enables companies to better serve customers, while operating more profitably. Such companies are able to deliver the right goods, at the right time, in the right place. The benefits of ROCE consulting services are increased visibility, flexibility and improved business performance within your supply chain. By incorporating green thinking into the supply chain, a demand-driven approach will ensure that the environmental impacts are taken into account through the entire supply chain.


We increase clients Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) by providing consultancy services on supply chain organization, processes and IT solutions. Over the years, our experienced consultants have helped international clients and distributors in a large number of assignments to become more demand-driven. Being one of the few consulting companies specialized in SCM solutions, we believe in fact-based analysis and in-depth knowledge in SCM, considering customer demand to supplier performance Our service areas span from supply chain vision &strategy through supply chain improvement programs to supply chain support and continuous improvement.

Our Technology Partners

ROCE Partners co-operate with several technology partners, which belong to the leading actors on the supply chain management software market. The software solutions we provide are best-of-breed solutions from Planscape Technologies, SAP, JDA, Serena and Boardwalktech.